Criminal Defense

We believe that individuals should not be judged on their worst behavior. We believe that some people are simply not guilty of what they are accused. We provide our clients a level of experience, talent, preparation, and creativity to achieve outstanding results both in and out of the courtroom.

We change people’s minds. We face off with prosecutors, police, judges, probation officers and hostile witnesses. We also change people’s lives. If necessary, we assist clients beyond the legal issues of their cases in an attempt to address the underlying causes of a client’s involvement in the criminal justice system.

We approach every case as trial lawyers, devoting the time and resources necessary for investigation, research, and preparation as if every case would result in trial. We never assume a case will result in a guilty plea or advise a client without knowing everything we can about the case.

Every case is different. Every client is different. Every circumstance is different. Once we have examined a case from a trial perspective, we think creatively about the problems that led to arrest and the legal and non-legal solutions that could resolve a case. Being prepared for trial makes us better advocates. Thinking outside of the legal system helps achieve outstanding results for our clients.